After contacting HSE, complete an application form and have a brief interview.


Learn more about HSE. Gain and practice essential teaching skills.


After establishing contact with a student, review class materials and instructions given to prepare for the class.

4.Online Class

Follow the general guidelines provided while appropriately expanding on the conversation topics.

5.Afterclass Feedback

Give the student feedback based on his/her performance and provide an additional list of vocabulary the student needs to improve on.

6.Long-term Commitment

Work continuously with HSE and develop a consistent schedule.

Technical Requirements

Desktop, laptop, MacBook, Microsoft Surface, smart phone, or tablet. Must have a camera.


Fast and stable connection.


All classes and communication will be conducted on WeChat. An email box is also required.


Must be compatible with WeChat.

What we look for:

Native or proficient English speaker

Enthusiastic about helping others

Patient and responsible

At least currently pursuing a high school diploma

Commitment flexible and negotiable, preferably 2 hours per week

Dedication counts as volunteer hours